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About Filialen

Filialen is the biggest symphony orchestra in Sweden. Its 200 members include music students and teachers, retired professionals, and amateurs who are doctors, journalists, postal workers, academics, businessmen, bus drivers, waitresses and shop assistants by day, and passionate musicians in the evening and on weekends. This unique composition means that the orchestra can perform works that are unusually demanding, both when it comes to proficiency and size.

Filialen gives about six concerts per year, although we had 8 this year and in 2016 we performed no fewer than 12! Some are our own productions, but we are also engaged elsewhere, and often perform with choirs. Our repertoire is thus varied, with an emphasis on late Romantic and contemporary works.

Join us on Sunday 28 January at 4.00pm for ‘A Gaelic Symphony’, a musical journey to Scotland and Ireland with conductor Glenn Mossop at the wheel.

Tickets can be purchased here. Eric Ericsson-hallen, SLs reseplanerare